Divrei Torah


The spoken word speaks volumes about a person – even though that person might appear to be somebody different. In today’s Parsha, we find that when Ya’akov came to receive the bracha from Yitzchak, Yitzchak – who was blind - was unsure as to whom he was speaking. Yitzchak was expecting Eisav to bring him food. Lo and behold, here was a person that had fulfilled his request and sounded like Eisav – perhaps even imitating his voice, as the Ramban suggests. Yet, he did not talk like Eisav. This person talked like Ya’akov. He used the name of G-d, a trait of Ya’akov and apparently a word that Eisav never used. This person said “please” – which Yitzchak associated with Ya’akov and not Eisav – as it was apparently a foreign word to Eisav. 

Words can tell us the characteristics and qualities of a person. When used properly, the words we say can bring glory to the name of G-d and to ourselves. G-d forbid, when used improperly, the opposite occurs. Our goal is to build the world. We can help accomplish that goal through the medium of speech -  our davening and our behavior.